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Lysara the Dungeoneer by MaBuArt Lysara the Dungeoneer by MaBuArt
Another illustration done for the boardgame 'Swords of the Seven' by ~kanachi.

"Lysara is daughter to the famous treasure hunter Tain Agaval, from who she learned sword play and the secrets that only a life time of dungeon exploration can teach.

The two were an inseparable pare and ventured deep into the worlds forgotten ruins in search of treasure, fame and adventure. However, a life time of such adventure began to take its toll however and Lysara was forced to watch as her father slowly succumbed to illness.

Distraught and unwilling to allow her father to die Lysara ventured into the deep unknown to locate a lost relic known as the Dragons Heart, which was rumoured to grant eternal life. However, upon retrieving the item and using it upon her father, against his will, the true nature of the relic was revealed.

Tain’s body became hot as smoke filled the room and before Lysara could intervene he was consumed by a ferocious fire. She watched in horror as from the flames arose Dalmar, an ancient dragon whom once feasted upon the souls of his victims. Having broken free of the relic the dragons hunger drove him into the air and into the world so he could wreak havoc once more.

Lysara lives in sorrow and regret and now hunts the dragon tirelessly, trying to put right the wrongs of her past as a sword for hire!"

©Swords of the Seven
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adventur girl
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Interesting, what's the thing on her shoulder?
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